Sandler Pendulum Training Tool

As an instructor, I have been frustrated in how difficult it is for students to fully understand the pendulum theory. The Pendulum Training Tool is a piece of furniture and is approximately 20 x 30 inches in size. It is constructed of birch and finished to look more than a poster. It is electronic and has three different programs as shown in the picture above. Select here or the picture for a video tutorial of how the programs work.

Included is a remote control, speakers (you can attach the audio to your sound system placing your standard audio cable in the back of the unit), and a laser pointer. Email me at or call me at (919) 802-8564 to find out more.

Select the finish that works best for you:

Click on the below links for more information:

Overview video

Business Selection (Video)

Using Program A: Staying Behind the Pendulum (Video)

Using Program B: Identifying the Pendulum Location (Video)

Using Program C: Manual Mode (Video)

Setup and Installation (Video)

Connecting to Training Room Audio (Video)

Sandler Pendulum – Operating Instructions

Selecting a Business Type (Programs that use audio feedback)

Press Power and then up or down arrow. Each time the up or down arrow is pressed, the business type is announced as verification.

Program A

Purpose of the program: To teach the student where to be on the pendulum when the prospect is in the various positions on the pendulum.

Upon selecting Program A (Power button and then A) the pendulum announces “Program A” and the pendulum moves to location 6 and plays the track at position 6. (If the instructor wants to start at a different location, the instructor selects the left or right arrows to move the pendulum to that position. No audio is played when the pendulum is moved with the remote, press the up arrow to play the audio for that position.) The student must select the appropriate position with the laser pointer and, if correct, the pendulum moves toward the + one position. If the location is not correct, the pendulum indexes one number to the -. Once at the new location, the new audio for that position is played. When the pendulum is at 3, the audio announces a “ding” and the pendulum moves to the 6 position and the program starts again. Note to Instructor: When the pendulum is at 6, the student must select the sensor between 7 and 8 or the pendulum will move to the – (remember, stripline hard for a neutral prospect.)

Program A Graphic

Note: When pressing Power, A, B, or C wait for the audio to finish before pressing any other button.

Program B

Purpose of the program: To teach the student to recognize the position of the pendulum based on what the prospect is saying.

Upon selecting Program B (Power button and then B) the pendulum announces “Program B” and the pendulum goes into a slow movement cycle back and forth. A script is played for a given position on the pendulum. The student must press the o on the remote as the pendulum moves over the correct position. If the position is not correct, the audio plays an “urrrg” sound. If the pendulum is in the correct position, the audio plays a “ding” sound. When the correct answer is received, the program plays another random audio script and the program starts again.

Program B Graphic

Program C

Purpose of the program: Manual mode

Upon selecting Program C (Power button and then C) the pendulum announces “Program C” and the pendulum moves to the 3 position. The instructor can move the pendulum as needed in the class. The < arrow moves the pendulum to the left one position. The > arrow moves the pendulum to the right one position. A moves the pendulum immediately to the 9 position. B moves the pendulum immediately to the 6 position. C moves the pendulum immediately to the 3 position. The o plays the DING sound and the down arrow plays the URRR sound.



Pendulum Board

Pendulum Board Graphic

Caution: Do not physically move the pendulum except with the remote. This could damage the motor or pendulum.

Remote Control and Laser Sensor Operation Commands

  • Select Business type: Press power and then up or down arrow
    • Business types included:
      • Default – Sandler Generic
      • Construction Material Business
      • Financial Business
      • Technology Business
      • Retail Business
      • Existing Customer
    • Select Program A: Press power and then A
    • Select Program B: Press power and then B
    • Select Program C: Press power and then C
    • Repeat audio: Press the up arrow


  • Wait for the audio to complete before entering any new commands or activating a sensor. If a button is pressed too quickly, the audio will not play for the new command.
  • If you wish to change the Business Type, change the business type per instruction and then enter the program to play. (Example: Power then up arrow, Power then A)
  • Identify the program mode by what the pendulum does:
    • If the pendulum moves to the 6 position you have entered Program A
    • If the pendulum is sweeping from left to right and right to left you have entered Program B
    • If the pendulum moves to the 3 position you have entered Program C
  • If you wish to repeat the audio, press the up arrow and the audio repeats
  • Use the pendulum in Program C when training other Sandler topics and manually move the pendulum to illustrate where the student is. Use the o and down buttons to provide positive and negative feedback during role plays.

For help or questions, send an email to or visit the Website at